We have built on this vision to create a business that is different from the competition and provides all of our staff with the opportunity to benefit from its success.

Cost Transparency

We clearly disclose our fees upfront and in our account statements so our clients understand what they are paying. Further, and unique in our industry, our staff does not have sales goals. This allows us to provide services that is truly independent and objective.

Highly Compliant

We ensure strict compliance to the laws and regulations in Mauritius. We enjoy a strong reputation vis-à-vis the Authorities and banks for the quality of our operational policies and procedures.

Staff Profit Sharing

We are one of the very few Trust Companies distributing part of its profits to our staff. This ensure huge boost in productivity and motivates our people to perform to the very best of their abilities.

Staff Training

We invest heavily on-going development programmes for our staff. Our aim is to continuously educate our people to enable them excel at what they do and efficiently assist our clients achieve their goals.


We use State-of-the-art IT infrastructure for information security and business continuity. Our client administration and accounting software are continuously upgraded to ensure efficiency.

Professional Relationships

We enjoy very sound professional relationships with the Financial Services Commission, Registrar of Companies and other financial institutions which helps in the timely processing of client needs. We are also a member of IR Global, an international network of accountants, lawyers, asset managers.